Meet "Marcel"

Marcel has always been known for being bold when it comes to speaking against structural injustices and impatient when it comes to implementing solutions to solve problems that have persisted for too long.

Gregg “Marcel” Dixon, the third of his parents, high school sweethearts, four children, is Georgia-born, the port city of Savannah, and South Carolina raised, just minutes away in the small, rural town of Ridgeland. Both areas are home to the Sea Island Creoles, or as they are better known, the Gullah-Geechee, a Black American ethnic group native to…

"We Deserve Better!"

According to one study, anti-black racism has cost the United States SIXTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS! It goes without saying then, a thriving Black America is a thriving America, hence, the motto of my campaign, “Repair Black America To Fix America”.

A Better Deal for Black America

At the end of slavery in 1865, Black Americans owned 0.5% of America’s wealth. Today, 165 years later, Black Americans, at almost 15% of the population, fare little better, owning…read more

Better Transportation

The 6th Congressional District of South Carolina is 97% rural, only 3% urban, and to that end, over 90% of individuals here, including myself, commute to…read more

Better Education

South Carolina is home to the “Corridor of Shame,” a disappointingly long list of schools along I-95, that are in deeply impoverished counties that have long experienced neglect and…read more

A Better Plan for Thriving Communities

There is lots of talk about police brutality, as there should be, but if anyone researches the matter, they will see that if a person wants to fight crime, you need to fight poverty and…read more
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